Top 10 tourist destinations to visit in Russia

Kizhi Pogost

UNESCO World Heritage Site; a complex of 22 wooden churches on an island in Lake Onega.

The Kremlin

One of the oldest and most famous fortified complexes in the world, located in the heart of Moscow.

Red Square

The main square of Moscow, famous for its historical and architectural landmarks, including St. Basil's Cathedral.

St. Petersburg

The second-largest city in Russia, known for its rich history, culture, and beautiful architecture.

Peterhof Palace

A grand palace complex located outside of St. Petersburg, famous for its gardens, fountains, and museums.

Summer Garden

A beautiful park located in the heart of St. Petersburg, popular for its fountains, sculptures, and flowerbeds.

Palace Square

A large square in St. Petersburg, home to the Winter Palace, the former residence of the Russian Tsars.

Kazan Cathedral

A majestic cathedral located in St. Petersburg, famous for its colorful domes and ornate interiors.

Mariinsky Theatre

A world-renowned ballet and opera theatre located in St. Petersburg.

Catherine Palace

A grand palace located outside of St. Petersburg, famous for its Amber Room, a lavishly decorated room made of amber panels.