Top 10 Things to Do in California in July 2024

Walk, bike, or drive across this engineering marvel. Enjoy panoramic views of the city, Alcatraz Island, and the Bay Bridge. You can even take a ferry for a unique perspective.

1. Embrace the Beach Vibe

Experience the thrills and enchantment of Disneyland in Anaheim. Ride iconic attractions, meet beloved characters, and enjoy spectacular fireworks shows.

3. Discover the Magic of Disneyland

4. Explore Yosemite National Park

Hike to stunning waterfalls, marvel at giant sequoia trees, and enjoy breathtaking views from scenic overlooks. Yosemite is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts.

5. Stroll Through Wine Country

Indulge in wine tastings at world-renowned vineyards, savor gourmet meals at charming restaurants, and enjoy scenic drives through picturesque landscapes.

6. Embrace the Hollywood Glamour

Visit the Hollywood Walk of Fame, explore iconic movie studios, and catch a Broadway show in the heart of the entertainment industry.

Home to over 3,700 animals representing more than 650 species and subspecies, San Diego Zoo offers a unique opportunity to connect with nature's wonders.

7. Immerse Yourself in San Diego Zoo

Explore charming boutiques, art galleries, and cozy cafes in this picturesque village. Stroll along the beach and enjoy the stunning coastal scenery.

8. Discover the Charm of Carmel-by-the-Sea

Visit the Monterey Bay Aquarium, explore historic Cannery Row, and enjoy whale watching tours in this coastal city with a rich history.

9. Explore the History of Monterey

Explore the unique landscapes of Joshua Tree National Park, with its iconic Joshua trees, towering rock formations, and vast desert vistas.

10. Embrace the Desert Magic