Top 10 Safety Tips During a Severe Thunderstorm Warning

If you are caught outdoors, try to find a sturdy building or a hard-top vehicle to take shelter in. Do not stay under trees or in open fields.

Seek Shelter Immediately

Thunderstorms can cause power surges, so unplug all electronics, especially sensitive devices like computers and televisions.

Unplug Electronics

Stay Away From Water

Never go swimming, fishing, or boating during a thunderstorm. Water is a great conductor of electricity, and lightning can travel through it.

Avoid Open Fields

Open fields are the most dangerous places to be during a thunderstorm, as they provide no protection from lightning strikes.

Stay Away From Metal Objects

Metal objects like fences, pipes, and playground equipment can attract lightning. Stay away from these objects during a thunderstorm.

Stay informed about weather conditions by monitoring local news, weather radio, or weather apps.

Stay Tuned to Weather Updates

If you see lightning, count the seconds until you hear thunder. If it's 30 seconds or less, there is a chance of lightning striking nearby and you should seek shelter immediately.

Follow the 30/30 Rule

If you or someone you are with is struck by lightning, immediately call 911. Begin CPR if the person is not breathing and administer first aid as needed.

Know What to Do If You’re Struck by Lightning

Be prepared for severe weather by creating a plan for your family, including a designated safe space, and make sure everyone knows what to do in case of a thunderstorm.

Stay Informed and Prepared