Top 10 Cultural Treasures in Greece

A sacred hilltop citadel crowned by the Parthenon, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the iconic symbol of Ancient Greece.

Acropolis of Athens

An ancient sanctuary of Apollo, home to the Delphic oracle and the Delphi Museum, housing treasures like the bronze Charioteer statue.


The birthplace of the Olympic Games, boasting the ruins of the Olympic stadium, temples, and workshops.


A fortified Bronze Age city, with its Lion Gate, Royal Palace, and Treasury of Atreus, showcasing Mycenaean civilization.


Monasteries perched atop towering rock formations, offering breathtaking views and showcasing Byzantine art and architecture.


The Minoan palace complex, known for its labyrinthine layout and frescoes depicting Minoan life and culture.


An ancient Greek amphitheatre renowned for its acoustics, hosting theatrical performances and offering stunning views.

Epidaurus Theatre

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the sacred birthplace of Apollo and Artemis, with ruins of temples, sanctuaries, and a marketplace.


This autonomous monastic state is home to 20 monasteries and a spiritual sanctuary for centuries.

Mount Athos

The museum in Athens that houses a collection of Byzantine and Christian art from Greece and the surrounding region.

Christian Museum