Top 10 Best Beaches in Washington for Swimming

Kalaloch Beach is another gem within Olympic National Park. Its rugged beauty and dramatic sunsets make it a popular destination. The beach is known for its wide, sandy shore, calm waters, and picturesque views of the Pacific Ocean.

1. Double Bluff Beach

Long Beach is a legendary stretch of coastline that extends for 28 miles. It's a haven for beachcombers, surfers, and families alike. The beach features soft sand, gentle waves, and plenty of space for everyone to enjoy.

3. Long Beach

4. Twin Harbors State Park

Twin Harbors State Park is a coastal treasure with a beautiful sandy beach perfect for swimming. The park offers stunning views, hiking trails, and a campground for overnight stays.

5. Rialto Beach

Rialto Beach is a rugged and wild shoreline renowned for its tide pools and dramatic rock formations. It's a fantastic location for exploring the natural wonders of the Pacific Northwest. While swimming is possible, be mindful of the strong currents and rough waves.

6. Sunset Beach

Sunset Beach is a popular spot for families and picnickers. It's known for its beautiful sunsets, calm waters, and sandy shore.

Seabrook is a charming seaside village with a beautiful sandy beach. It offers a mix of amenities, shops, and restaurants.

7. Seabrook

Oysterville is a historic town with a unique beach known for its unique landscape and remnants of its past. It's a great spot for a peaceful walk along the shore.

8. Oysterville

Grayland Beach State Park offers a long sandy beach with gentle waves, making it a perfect spot for swimming. It's also a great location for exploring the natural beauty of the Washington coastline.

9. Grayland Beach State Park

Westport Light State Park is a charming park with a historic lighthouse and a scenic beach. It's a great spot for enjoying a peaceful walk along the shore and taking in the stunning views of the Pacific Ocean.

10. Westport Light State Park