A Hoppy Holiday: The  Easter Bunny's Big Adventure

The Missing Magic: Easter morning dawns, but the Easter Bunny's basket is empty! The magic dust that makes his eggs colorful has vanished.

The Lost Egg Hunt: A mischievous fairy has hidden all the Easter eggs in fantastical locations - a giant sunflower maze, a cloud castle, a mermaid's underwater garden.

The Chocolate Catastrophe: A grumpy goblin has turned all the Easter chocolate into bland carrots! The Easter Bunny must use his wits and kindness to convince the goblin of the joy of chocolate.

The Hoppity Hop Race: A new tradition threatens Easter! A speedy kangaroo challenges the Easter Bunny to a race across continents. The winner gets to deliver the Easter eggs.

 The Friendship Fiasco: Two neighboring towns are having a disagreement about the best way to decorate Easter eggs. The Easter Bunny must act as a peacemaker, reminding everyone of the true spirit of Easter - sharing and joy.

The Tiny Chick Predicament: A tiny, lost chick needs help reuniting with its mother. The Easter Bunny detours from his egg-delivery route to become a chick whisperer, leading the little one through fields and forests.

The Grand Easter Feast: After a successful Easter egg delivery, the Easter Bunny celebrates with all his animal friends. There's a hopping dance contest, a carrot-carving competition, and of course, a giant mountain of chocolate!