7 Essential Louisville Experiences For A Memorable Trip

Immerse yourself in the legacy of "The Greatest" at the Muhammad Ali Center.

Muhammad Ali Center, Louisville

Travel back in time at the Conrad-Caldwell House Museum and explore a Victorian mansion.

ConradCaldwell House Museum, Louisville

Learn about the iconic Louisville Slugger and baseball history at the Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory.

Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory, Louisville

Catch a thrilling glimpse of the world's only underground zip line course at the Louisville Mega Cavern.

Louisville Mega Cavern, Louisville

Celebrate the spirit of the Kentucky Derby and delve into its history at the Kentucky Derby Museum.

Kentucky Derby Museum, Louisville

Explore the vibrant tapestry of Louisville's culture and history with a stroll through Old Louisville's architectural wonders.

Old Louisville, Louisville

Savor the distinctive flavors of Louisville on a walking food tour, indulging in local favorites from beer cheese to bourbon balls.

Louisville food tour