10 Best Breweries In Asheville A Beer Lovers Guide

Burial Beer Co.

Renowned for their diverse lineup, from IPAs to stouts, housed in a unique taproom.

Bhramari Brewing Company

Embracing a hive mentality, this brewery serves up sensational sours.


A modern brewery with exceptional branding, crafting progressive beers with engaging artwork and a nod to tradition.

Highland Brewing

A family-owned brewery with a scenic hilltop location, known for classics like Gaelic Ale and Rising Haze IPA.

Archetype Brewing

Producing stellar farmhouse ales with a focus on Belgian and French styles, worth the drive for unique brews.

ZEBULON Artisan Ales

A small brewery focusing on experimental beers, offering modern styles alongside humble classics.

New Origin Brewing Company

Crafting classic and innovative brews, Catawba Brewery offers a diverse range of beers in a welcoming atmosphere.

Catawba Brewing

Established in 2013, this circus-themed brewery produces a wide variety of beers, with a focus on tart sours and easy-drinking lagers.

Hi-Wire Brewing

Known for their dynamic wild ales and farmhouse ales, with delightful easter eggs like haikus on their labels.

Wicked Weed Brewing

A historic Asheville brewery now owned by Anheuser-Busch, still offering a wide variety of sour beers.